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Sales Portal Development
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When creating a sales portal, it's crucial to ask: Who makes up your sales force and how do you ensure that they have all the tools and information they need in real-time to “move the needle?”

This is the same problem virtually every company faces. Add in the many versions of collateral that you’ve ever produced and the fact that every person has a different version of each PDF saved somewhere or re-forwarded from another email, and you’ve got an almost impossible task of ensuring that your staff provide the most updated information to your hard-earned prospects.

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How To Know What They Need

A Sales Portal Provides What Staff Need

Sales is the lifeblood that drives your business and keeps the doors open. This means that executive and marketing staffs everywhere are scrambling to build and provide collateral, fill out RFPs, create videos, attend events and more so that sales can’t blame them for not having the right piece of collateral that could have “sealed the deal.”

So we continue to invest time and energy creating and re-creating every piece of conceivable collateral that sales claims the prospects need, without considering a strategy to re-use and update the collateral as the information changes.

Clarity Ventures has built sales portals for less than $10k all the way up to $200k. It all depends on what you need. The most important thing is to find a partner who's an expert at portal development and can help you sort out what you need, but provide all the extras as you grow into needing them.

So what software does it take to build a Sales Portal? Technically, it's mostly a CMS (Content Management System), with a number of specific features, capabilities, and access controls. What are these extra features and capabilities? Here's a short list of the most important ones, although you're not limited to anything:

Portal Software

So what exactly is portal software? Basically, it's the same as a CMS, or website building software. The main difference, is that it's designed to be more modular, meaning that it's designed to be highly customized to allow new functionality to be "snapped" onto the site to extend functionality to your specific needs.

The second is the ability to easily integrate it with other line-of-business applications. You can't have a great Sales portal if you can't bring in all your Sales collateral, leads registration, training materials, etc. into the site easily. Portals are designed to do just that.

Dynamic Content

What is dynamic content? It is content that is served up dynamically in the portal only when it is supposed to. How? With granular access control. For example, if you have a page with 10 different partner price lists on it, you'd only want the appropriate price list to show up for each partner (i.e. Reseller sees the reseller pricing, Wholesales theirs and so forth).

While this feature is easy to talk about, it's much less easy to provide unless the platform you chose has this built in as core functionality. That's why Clarity uses the platforms that we do, that provide this out-of-the-box, and easy so your team can quickly reap the benefits of a powerful, yet easy-to-use system.

Document Management System

Document management is core to a good Sales portal. When a remote sales rep is heading to a demo and the prospect asks if you've got any case studies, white papers, testimonials, technical documentation, videos, etc. like theirs, a good sales portal can provide all that information at their fingertips in seconds.

Never lose a deal because you didn't know if you had the proper information. A good DMS will also allows you to do version control, have drag and drop ease-of use, document subscriptions, favorites and more to ensure your sales people always have the latest and greatest information that marketing and development have produced.

Ease of Communication

Wouldn't it be great if an outside sales rep logged into your Sales Portal and they could see a direct message from their inside rep, their contact info, picture and an updated message? (E.g., "Hey guys, I'm out in San Francisco this week at Dreamforce. I hope if you're there, you'll call and we can get together. Here's my cell ###-####-####.")

What about the ability to get ahold of another sales rep? What about asking a question of the group? What does your portal do to promote support and collaboration? A good Sales Portal enables and improves engagement, as well as just providing information.

Compliance Enablement

One of our clients was a medical device manufacturer that we built a sales portal for. Their biggest issue was that their sales people kept requesting meetings, surgeries, and appointments that violated different compliance regulations. Sales never submitted all the information that was required, and there was no trail to help improve the process.

We built in a number of complex and custom workflows into the portal that enabled the sales team to make their requests while requiring the necessary information and enforcing the compliance elements at risk. It also tracked and reported statistics on every request so the company knew exactly where they needed to focus their sales support efforts.

Sales Toolbox

There are about 20 more features that we could share, but most fall under the category of Sales Tools. Sales tools could be simple forms to register opportunities, a scheduling calendar for event supplies, access to sales training materials, sales enablement collateral, approved marketing materials, forms to request MBO (marketing business objectives) funds and tons more. These are just a few ideas to get you thinking.

Extensible, Yet Affordable

One of the most important things is that the solution provides you the ability to extend and enhance the solution. Your business is constantly changing, morphing, growing, merging and much more. Your Sales Portal needs to be able to do the same to match and stay ahead of the needs of your Sales Team.

Your Sales Team is only as good as the tools that they've got available to them. Finally, a good Sales Portal should be affordable. Just like moving into a new home, yes it's expensive, but if you paid cash for it, you'd hope that you'd only have utility expenses, at least until that additional deck or pool is added.

This holds true for any Clarity-built Sales Portal. Once you purchase the portal, the only ongoing expense are your hosting fees, which you have to pay for any online web property. Other than that, Clarity trains you to be able to manage, enhance and add onto your portal. We'll always be here when you want to add the pool as well!

350+ Years of Combined Experience

Features From 1000's of Sites

That’s where a well-constructed Sales or Partner Portal from Clarity Ventures can step up and help. We've helped hundreds of organizations with their websites over the years.

Improvements in technology allow us to use that same web technology to be configured to provide both public-facing information to the masses and dynamically controlled and tracked information to their sales force, both internal and external.



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Clarity has built sales portals for SMB to the enterprise. Let us show you how you can better support your sales channel for high performance.

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Portal FAQs

What is Portal in software terms?

A portal is a common term that normally means a purpose-built website. For example, a Sales Portal is a website that has specific features and content to help a Sales team prepare for and engage in sales activities. A Career portal could be like, or Those are just websites, with a very specific set of features and serves the specific purpose of showcasing jobs or helping people with their ability to apply for and build on their career.

What is the cost of a portal?

The cost of a portal completely relies on what’s built into the portal. Like any other website, it could be less than $10,000 to well over $200,000. A small career portal with less than 20 pages is just a few thousand dollars and is very easy and relatively quick to build. A Distributor portal would add ecommerce, multiple EDI supply chain integrations, shipping and sales tax integrations, most likely an ERP integration, and can cost $50,000 to 200,000, taking 6-12 months to build.

What is a secure client portal?

When the content on the site is protected and served up behind a login, that’s usually what is meant by a secure client portal. That means that the business requires membership or partnership, sometimes a fee, to gain access to specific content or materials reserved for those clients. These can range from partner portals, sales portals, to client portals, like You have to purchase a membership to gain access to purchase at warehouse prices.

What is a Portal example?

One example that has gained popularity is the Patient portal. If you’ve been to the doctor or dentist lately, they’ve probably sent you access to their patient portal, where you can get access to certain information, sometimes re-order medications, schedule appointments, set communication preferences, see lab results and ask the doctor a question. Next are Career, Sales and Partner portals. Pretty much every university or educational institutions’ websites are portals, as they’ve created secure accounts for each student, which allows them to see their grades, access their financial aid, apply for financial aid, sign up for classes and much more.

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