Information Architecture

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Information Architecture
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The ability to execute a well-defined plan for how your website or database will function is a critical component of the overall success for your organization.

At Clarity, we understand the importance of this crucial step in the project planning phase; that’s why we offer information architecture services to our clients. We find that some of our clients maintain a complex structure of information, which is shared on their website or internal network.

Coming up with a creative and functional way to deliver this information is an important element of the development process.

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There are many parts that comprise a successful information architecture plan. From the back-end work of designing how the information hierarchy will be organized to the front-end challenge of making your site intuitive to your target audience, Clarity understands the complexities of building an effective information architecture plan.

We’re interested in working with your team to tailor the best solution to your unique business. Our projects kickoff with a discovery phase, where we evaluate both sides of your data, who is trying to gain access and what do we have that we want to share, and come up with the best strategy for conversion.

Clarity understands the complexities of building an effective information architecture plan.

The following are a list of components of the B2B architecture landscape that we frequently discuss with our clients:

  • Existing or future sitemap and site search design and structure
  • Front-end design preferences
  • Wireframe implementation
  • 3rd party tool integration
  • Project milestone stages
  • Requirements documentation
  • Overall database structure
  • Potential hosting arrangements

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