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Benefits of a Customizable eCommerce Platform

custom eCommerce for the long run

Why Get a Customizable Platform?

custom ecommerce platform

An off-the-shelf eCommerce platform might save you some money and time at first, but over time it’ll be more expensive and time consuming to adjust your workflows to work within the limitations of the software.

That’s why a customizable eCommerce platform is often the right choice for a business, both small businesses and enterprises alike. Customizable eCommerce adapts to your workflows even as the business scales.

Customization Improves Business Flow

Improve Conversions with Customized Features

With a customized eCommerce solution, you can optimize elements of your site to create a better user experience. This will improve customer satisfaction and loyalty and reduce bounce rate.

Clearly presented information makes it easier for customers to find exactly what they are looking for on your platform. You can do this by:

  • Adding tags and filters to products and categories for easy search
  • Ensuring products display the required specifications, so it’s easy to compare items from different sellers or manufacturers
  • Integrating your business systems so that data is always accurate and up to date

These features reduce buying friction and improve conversion rate. Your website design is another important aspect of conversion rate, and with a customizable eCommerce platform, you can design the site so it’s perfect for your users.

When designing the website, it’s important to keep in mind your company brand design. By customizing your eCommerce platform, you can make sure you convey the right message with your branding.

Process Improvement & Business Automation

Optimize Unique Processes

Most eCommerce businesses have processes that must be completed in specific ways. Oftentimes, a generic platform won’t be modifiable enough to accommodate for these workflows.

It may be the case that a customer needs to be vetted before they can buy an item, or a customer’s credit card needs to be checked before they make a large purchase.

With a customizable eCommerce platform, you can tailor these processes to be quick and easy with your specific workflows. It becomes a simple matter to go through approvals and other activities specific to your business.

Integration with ERP, CRM, PIM, EMR

Integrate Your Line of Business Applications

Your business may also need eCommerce integrations between your business systems and eCommerce platform. A customized platform allows for a seamless integration solution.

It goes without saying that an integration that allows all your line-of-business applications to connect and provide accurate, up-to-date data will help optimize your business workflows.

Integration Benefits with Customized eCommerce

  • Automated customer-specific pricing
  • Automated fulfillment processes
  • Real-time inventory counts online
  • Sales insights for customer purchasing behavior reported to your CRM
  • Bulk data import
  • Up-to-date information across all channels and devices
  • Automatic backups
  • Additional features and capabilities

Clarity’s customizable platform and integration solution are made to optimize these features in way that’s specific to your business.

Learn More About Clarity Connect™

Turn Your Catalog into SEO Content

Cater SEO to Your Business

Oftentimes, basic marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) features from off-the-shelf eCommerce platforms aren’t enough to increase traffic and leads to the extent businesses need.

On the other hand, a customizable eCommerce platform like Clarity eCommerce Framework™ provides you with search engine friendly functionality. This includes unlimited product meta tags, category-specific landing pages, and built-in XML sitemap generation for products and categories.

These SEO solutions will drive traffic to your storefront. Then the added features, smooth transitions, and professional design of your high performant website will make customers want to stay and come back for more.

Make the checkout process effortless

Customizing the Checkout Process

custom ecommerce platform

With a customizable eCommerce platform like Clarity eCommerce Framework™, you can modify the checkout process so that it fits your customers and business model.

For example, you’ll have access to things like customer-specific pricing, purchase-order processing, ACH payments, contract purchasing, and approvals for purchase limits.

With the ability to change the checkout process to fit your business’s requirements, you can effectively upsell, cross-sell, have renewals and subscriptions, and more.

Increase customer retention rates

Customer Service After the Transaction

You can customize your eCommerce platform so that it can not only handle selling your products and services, but it can also help your customers after their purchase.

Customers can easily track their orders, view quotes and invoices, and contact customer service or the seller with any questions. Making it easy to resolve issues goes a long way to increasing customer satisfaction, especially when they may already be unhappy from the setback.

Self-service is crucial here too, and that’s where customized eCommerce really shines. Customers usually like to resolve things on their own if they can, or possibly with a bot before needing to interact with a person. If they can easily and quickly solve their issue, they’re much more likely to come back.

If they find the process confusing or frustrating, or they can’t get their questions answered within a certain timeframe, they may not be as inclined to make another purchase on your website.

Get a Platform Made Just for You

We’ve spent over 16 years optimizing every aspect of our custom eCommerce platform so that it’s truly customizable. Our team is highly skilled at customizing the platform to fit our clients’ needs.

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